The Joseph M. Burke-John Siebert & Paul Wooten Unified Courthouse fast-shuffle, wire fraud-mail fraud

It is another match made with the devil----Burke & Siebert create bogus evidence, engage in perjury, spoliation, tampering, fraud and the new 'ostrich' hit-man in a 50 bucks set of black robes----like the donkey & the carrot---misuses the rules of law solely to railroad Jim Couri. JSC Wooten has proved by his acts & inconsistent decisions that he is a trickster trying to 'make his bones' at the expense of Jim, the constitution & due process.--- Scamraiders believes, & evidence proves that JSC Wooten engaged in intentional telephonic deception, mail-wire fraud & systematic disdain for the law in order to--- by corrupt acts--- 'sand-bag' Jim & rob millions from Jim Couri for the benefit of Siebert/Burke by circumventing evidence, injunctions, general releases, wavers, etc. We have shown that when a FIX in in law, justice & the American Constitution are---- in the Unified Courthouse--- 'flushed down the toilet.' these bad eggs make their own rules, rewrite laws & will railroad any sucker for a fix----what the heck --they have immunity, & they operate as a unit---if one 'ambushes' you they all follow the same 'bandwagon' ----these unified courts will given the chance & have ruined lives, kids lives & worse to fulfill a fix-contract by corrupt lawyers & others who know the 'ropes'---- sad as it is corruption is we have documented & reviewed many SDNY cases---- rampant in the NYC state courts & is getting worse----not better as greed, larceny & malice is alive & well----

JSC Wooten has on Sept 1, 2010 willfully & intentionally concocted a fraudulent scheme by misuse of interstate instrumentality in a court setting-proceeding & was caught & then Wooten tried to engage in a cover-up of more deception & bully-ism/trickster documented acts-----Scamraiders has the proof of this scoundrel's activities--- furthermore---Wooten’s decisions reveal either incompetence or acts of corruption, bias & worse. Wooten has targeted Jim who has been in hospital having undergone recent surgery & is in cancer treatment.

Wooten has condoned Siebert & Burke's perjury, tampering, lies & wire & mail fraud---

Burke claims that Jim did not produce his medical records in the kangaroo-Pavia-Madden case----the truth by Jim’s subpoena Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center produced 3 large cartons of records to madden------madden never opened any & precluded any of Jim’s medical from the case.

Burke claims that he did not bribe, tamper & commit spoliation---we have the proof of burks frauds & the supporting evidence has been produced in Scamraiders articles. Burke has lied, cheated & condoned Siebert's perjury ---& has covered up Siebert's sex attacks on patients, tax evasion & has violated injunctions. Burke defrauded JSC Beeler secretion Siebert's unsavory vulture acts & NY state health investigations

Burke now claims that he has mailed documents re a contempt motion that is illegal & barred that were never mailed & would be precluded as late even if sent.

Burke/Siebert has by his documented acts & compromising of referee Jack Suter & manipulation of JSC Wooten false filings, misuse of the mails, faxes etc, to deprive due process by fraud & misrepresentation violates numerous criminal statutes

JSC Wooten has again refused a conference call but lies & says over interstate phones that he called Jim since Feb. 2010 & Jim failed to respond----yet Wooten has no dates, who called & to what phone number----of course such is a dastardly & outrageous lie as Jim called & can prove that Wooten rejected Jim’s demands for mandated conference call per the Beeler injunction--- not once but 14 times over 5 months----all documented

JSC Wooten is a judge----- & judges when caught lying & thus depriving a sick pro-se litigant from fair due-process must recuse himself----Scamraiders believes that Wooten engaged in intentional wire fraud on Sept. 1, 2010.

JSC Wooten also forgot that Jim has 3 general releases in his favor from Siebert & his PC----provided to Jim by Siebert & his lawyers. JSC Wooten-- the phony claims these outlaws concocted & produced nothing in support are barred & precluded by these releases---maybe JSC Wooten should read-up on general releases---or maybe Wooten will re-write the rules governing general releases

Meanwhile, the Unified Court's website records the Couri v Siebert case---#107240/04 as DISPOSED.

We at Scamraiders find that Wooten has exhibited a contemptible & wanton disdain for due process & rules of law----Jim's overtures to administrative judge Sherry Heitler have been futile----like the ostrich head in the dirt--

Meanwhile, Wooten keeps lying & allowing Siebert/Burke to pull the strings of a puppet----by fraud, ex parte communications, post motion claimed submissions that never were sent & illegal in any event--

Contempt---Judge Wooten, we at Scamraiders & our lawyers have reviewed this scam--- Jim is not Scamraiders & the gag order was not only induced by Burke/Siebert's fraud on the court---Burke has, again by tampering fraud & perjury, woven a web to rob & injure Jim who is terminally ill----

Contempt has been proven by Jim by producing timely proof of Siebert/Burke's bribery, tampering, ex parte emails with referees, spoliation, perjury, suborning perjury---- & Burke/ Siebert/ Gomez attack of Jim with doctors, press, business of Scamraiders & convoluting Jim with Scamraiders while slandering Jim----violations & contempt in living color----also igm=notded by the sand-bag unified courthouse---- all facts in support of the forgoing dastardly acts of Siebert/Burke are before 'ostrich-Wooten'----A NOW DOCUMENTED 'ROGUE' JUDGE, A CORRUPT LAWYER, A DOCTOR-DOCUMENTED THIEF, TAX SWINDLER, SEX RAPIST, INSURANCE THIEF---- GANG UP TO ROB JIM COURI OF HIS WELL PROVED & SIEBERT- AGREED-TO CLAIMS. JIM'S CLAIMS THAT HE POSESSES AGAINST SIEBERT & HIS PC EXCEED $20MILLION----FRAUD, PERJURY, TAMPERING, AMBUSHING, MANIPULATION OF THE LAW----SOME HELL OF A COURTHOUSE------BUT THE UNIFIED 'CAN OF WORMS' IS BEING OPENED----

Wooten is trying to orchestrate a ambush but in the process has shot himself in the foot----lying, concocting decisions blocking Jim & allowing Siebert/Burke a 'pass' on the same 12-12-05 JSC BEELER INJUNCTION ENJOINING ALL PARTIES INCLUDING JOSEPH M. BURKE--- SEE BEELER INJUNCTION OF 12-12-05 ON SCAMRAIDERS----


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