John W. Siebert, M.D.

Joseph M. Burke, Esq.
Scamraiders continues to carefully review the court files pertaining to our Founder Jim Couri’s court case involving landlords George and Antonia Pavia and Jim’s rent stabilized apartment at 18 E. 73rd Street, New York City. Scamraiders has written a number of articles exposing the activities of the Pavias,
George Pavia, Esq.
Joan Madden
JSC Madden and others regarding the litigation, including all related activities before the Environmental Control Board Court, (ECB), NYC Department of Buildings, (DOB), Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), and the New York Criminal Court.
It appears Judge Joan Madden orchestrated a scheme with the Pavias and others to disenfranchise Jim’s Rent Stablization Rights, unjustly enriching landlord/owners George and Antonia Pavia. In the process, JSC Madden used, misused and abused her Courtroom, the Courthouse and the law. The records and documents we have reviewed reveal that JSC Madden manipulated the Rules of Evidence depriving Jim of his ability to introduce material facts, evidence, documents and testimony to establish that the Pavias engaged in fraud and deception. Please refer to Scamraiders’ other Articles and Archives for further details.

Scamraiders has now uncovered an even more dastardly part of the scheme viciously practiced by JSC Madden, this time imperiling Jim’s life. During the relevant period of these matters conducted before Judge Madden, Jim was diagnosed with Level 5 Stage 3 cancer. Also suffering from heart disease, while Jim was at an appearance before Judge Madden, Jim collapsed and was removed from the courthouse by New York Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and transported to NYU Medical Center suffering from a heart attack. Jim was immediately hospitalized, operated on and received a stent in one of his arteries. Although Jim’s doctors were affiliated with a different hospital, Columbia Presbyterian, he was taken to NYU Hospital. Within days after the operation Jim began to experience severe chest pains. Jim immediately consulted with his cardiologists at Presbyterian. After undergoing an angioplasty, Jim was admitted under an emergency basis at Colombia Presbyterian Hospital where the stent from NYU Hospital was diagnosed as improperly inserted and had to be re-canalized and supplemented by multiple other stents. Thereafter, Jim received 7 more stents over the next year, procedures conducted by the Chief invasive Cardiologist Dr. Jeffery Moses at Presbyterian.

Jeffery Moses, M.D.
Alexandra Lansky, M.D.
Jim’s interventional cardiologists, Dr. Moses and Dr. Alexandra Lansky (both preeminent in their fields) advised JSC Madden by phone and written Affirmations that Jim’s participation in any trial or contested court proceeding would imperial Jim’s life. By this time the Pavias and Madden were getting more desperate, since Jim had secured 8 findings at ECB revealing Pavia’s property was hazardous and illegal. Jim also obtained other determinations, orders and decisions adverse to the Pavias before JSC Acosta and Lebideff in the Unified Court at the DHCR, DOB, and the Criminal Courts further confirming the Pavias’ frauds and perjury, and doctoring of documents, etc. Undaunted, Madden systematically ignored the repeated pleas made by Jim’s Presbyterian doctors.
Howard Weintraub, M.D.
Rather, Madden sought out and recruited Dr. Howard Weintraub, who was affiliated with NYU Medical Center; the very doctor Jim discharged due to malpractice and who supervised the defective and improper stent procedure Jim received at NYU. More interesting and more entwined, Dr. Weintraub made false and misleading representations to JSC Madden as to Jim’s complex cardiac condition in contravention to the accurate and sworn-to positions of Dr. Lansky and Moses. It turns out, Dr. Weintraub was a close friend of none other than Dr. John Siebert. Siebert is the doctor exposed on Scamraiders that Jim has another business-related court case, totally separate of the Pavias’ case ----except interestingly, both the Pavias and Siebert are represented by none other than Russo & Burke Esqs., Joe Burke, and Kenneth Gomez. What went on here before JSC Madden appears despicable and seems an incestuous ‘gang-up’ and a pretty obvious scam. Russo & Burke have been exposed as corrupt lawyers and have been caught corrupting Court Referees and secreting evidence, as well as being accused of acts of extortion. Looks like Weintraub was planted by the cunning scams of Siebert, Pavia, and Burke to shore up Madden’s ignoring and depriving of Jim’s Doctors demands. Seems that all of this could add up to RICO claims.
Did JSC Madden conspire with the Pavias, John W. Siebert, and K. Gomez Esq. to rob and injure Jim?---------It looks awfully suspect:

1. JSC Madden forced the trial to go forward against Jim’s Doctors directions to Madden. WHY?

2. JSC Madden precluded all of Jim’s Medical Records and conditions at her ‘kangaroo’ trial. WHY?

3. JSC Madden ignored the pleas of two Presbyterian preeminent Interventional Cardiologists---Drs. Moses and Lansky. WHY?

4. JSC Madden threatened Jim (who was representing himself) with Contempt if he did not appear at the cram down trial. WHY?

5. JSC Madden used Siebert’s pal, Dr. Weintraub, to report incorrect, out-dated, and for the most part unauthorized data about Jim’s cardiac condition in a rouse to cover up Ms. Madden’s scurrilous and tainted rulings; and as a result thereof allowed the Madden set-up “railroaded” trial to go forward. WHY?

Documents and court files clearly point to a methodical scheme conducted by Judge Joan Madden to preclude material facts and a laundry list of violations against the Pavias in order to set the stage of Madden’s biased courtroom for the Pavias benefit. It also now seems clear that JSC Madden’s disregard for Jim’s medical condition, not giving a damn about the grave risks for Jim’s health, was another vicious part of the Madden trial set-up. Madden ignored and refused to even speak with Dr. Lansky or Moses who directed Judge Madden not to force Jim to a trial which could be life threatening. Were Madden’s actions a violation of her ethical responsibilities as a Judge? It seems Judge Madden participated in what looks like a clear theft of not only Jim’s legal rights, but also chose to imperil his life. JSC Madden should take the time to review the US Constitution, the New York State Constitution and the Mandates of Judges in the Court System of New York. Sadly JSC Madden made her own rules to aid the Pavia’s corrupt plan to rob legitimate Rent Stabilization. Money, graft and corruption are powerful but illegal incentives. Scamraiders will continue to review and report on this matter as more evidence is being made available.

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