The lies and deceptions engaged in by JSC Paul Wooten

The lies and deceptions engaged in by JSC Paul Wooten of the court's trial support clerk’s office and the motion support/scroll office dastardly, corrupt and crimes of Paul Wooten who finagled a judgeship out of the bowels of Brooklyn Heights and has been caught in a corruption scheme of lies, deception, interstate fraud, bribery condoning perjury, and illegal manipulations of courthouse clerks and willful obstruction of the Unified Court rules, CPLR and interstate frauds---all of these Wooten illegal acts are memorialized by evidence, telephone recordings and interviews with clerks at the courthouse who confirm the illegal acts and tampering with court files by Wooten and others in concert with Wooten-------all of these crimes engaged in by Wooten is to rip off Jim Couri from his documented $20million due from disgraced thief/doctor John Siebert who has been found to be a sex molester of patients and a thief of healthcare insurance money, a perjurer and a narcotics abuser------Wooten has been bagged by these RICO thieves orchestrated by George Pavia, Joseph M. Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez and disgraced Judge Joan Madden, who was bribed by the Pavias to railroad Jim Couri and rob his rent stabilized rights by collusion, manipulation of the law and collusion/deprivation of material facts---a kangaroo-RICO railroading--the RICO conspiracy is as clear and convincing as ham and eggs --so stay tuned

NY court clerks have confirmed that Wooten himself---circumventing uniform rules of the unified court which mandate that a note of issue and certificate of readiness be completely filled out by a party, sworn to and served on the other litigant/parties, fees paid----and uncontested--------

No case can be put on the 'trial calendar'------in the case Jim Couri vs Siebert 107240/04---- a forged and secreted by Joseph M. Burke, Esq.--- note of issue was vacated by Judge Michael Stallman --motion sequence #40--filed in the court by Stallman in Oct. 2009. The case was at the time on the trial calendar and removed by the virtue of the Stallman vacature of the note of issue and per uniform rules and CPLR 3404-----------------

No note of issue was ever filed again and the case was not ---per CPLR 3404 restored to the trial calendar within a year from Oct. 2009-----as a matter of law per CPLR 3404 after that year the case is disposed/abandoned-----

Well the case was disposed and no note of issue filed----yet desperate corrupt Wooten himself----- against the law, in violation of court rules and the rights of Jim Couri -------telephoned trial support and cons the chief clerk Ms. Smith Gottinger to put this case illegally on the 'trial ready calendar'----

The case---107240/04 was properly recorded on the court scroll as 'disposed' but Wooten's con of Ms. Gottinger was effected by his non-disclosure and his secreting the Stallman order #40 which vacated the note of issue making it illegal to restore a disposed case to the trial calendar-----

Wooten conned and misled Ms. Gottinger and the entire the trial support section.-----

Wooten is holding the file hostage and chief motion/scroll/clerk Ed Kavitran has been unable to properly record the vacature of the note of issue by Stallman and the vacature of the note of issue was intentionally secreted from the trial support department and the proper recording of the document-----

This is further proof of Wooten’s interstate instrumentalities fraud by over the phones defrauding a court representative to commit fraud by the illegal demand by Wooten to put a case on trial-ready calendar that has no legal or at all a note of issue/certificate of readiness filed and a case that per CPLR 3404 was disposed------

These acts by Wooten of defrauding Ms. Gottinger, Mr. Kavitran, the court rules, Mr. Couri are federal crimes and intentional frauds---

We are convinced that Wooten is a sociopath, a thief, fraud and corrupt---------stay tuned------

And by the way----------wake up Judge Heitler. Yyou are a disgrace condoning these crimes under your watch and your nose---

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