“CONSEQUENCES” - - - We all should carry this one word on a piece of paper in our wallets!

BEFORE anyone writes a check, or listens to a sales pitch, or signs a contract, pull out your personal note-to-self….“CONSEQUENCES”, and ponder its meaning for a minute or two. It may save you from trying to “unscramble scrambled eggs”- - - YOU CAN’T.

According to the Dictionary/Thesaurus, CONSEQUENCES is:
a) the outcome of something occurring earlier
b) chain reaction
c) aftereffect
d) aftermath
e) something that logically or naturally flows from an action or condition

Well, if we truly think about this word, many of the scam-artists, swindlers and con-men cannot and will not be able to take us in and rip us off. Don’t get taken for a ride --- You do the driving. Stay in control of your money and your life

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