The tide is out and Joseph M. Burke and Russo and Burke have been caught without their bathing suits!

Over the past four months, Scamraiders has posted a number of articles in connection with the documented improprieties engaged in by Russo & Burke and Joe Burke. During that period of time, we have scoured state and federal court files involving cases that these lawyers have been involved with.

Joe Burke
It is sufficient to say that we have assembled undeniable evidence of the following illegal and corrupt acts engaged in by not only Russo & Burke and Joe Burke, but also by their on-again off-again partner, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.
These people have perpetuated acts of extortion, tampering with court officials, ex-parte communications with referees, secretion of material evidence, suborning perjury, perjury obstruction of justice, collusion and conspiracy.

This may sound like an awful lot of allegations, but, based upon the documents that we have reviewed, we are satisfied that these statements are 100% true and accurate.

These lawyers have misused and abused the legal system, to serve their own unjust agenda long enough. Making matters worse, they have fabricated evidence, tampered with witnesses, and engaged in a course of conduct, that not only violates court laws and rules, but violates the rights of the individuals that they have targeted.

Scamraiders intends to put before you all of these details, and the documentary evidence supporting it shortly. Many of the documents referred to generally here, are already part of Scamraiders' archives. In a nutshell, these lawyers have not been practicing lawyer-ing, they have been practicing lying, cheating, and larceny.

It is a sad testimonial that judges in the Unified Court System have been willing to put up with these person's antics. It should be about time that lawyers, such as the ones referred to here, are removed from the practice of law, as they have disgraced what is supposed to be a highly respected profession.

Finally, Mr. Joe Burke and his cohorts should know that, when a person confesses to an obligation, enters into a covenant not to sue, and a covenant not to impose counter-claims, and issues general releases and promissory notes, that that person has no legal right to resuscitate claims that have already been expunged. Mr. Joe Burke should also know that you don't extort people by threats, harassment and abuse to wear them down so that their client can steal money that doesn't belong to them.

Sadly, these people have, up til now, gotten away with their scurrilous ways. Possibly Scamraiders can expose their tamperings and abuse so that they will be stopped, once and for all.

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