There is a time to dance and there is a time to pay the fiddler, even for sex vulture Dr. John W. Siebert and his thug lawyers Joseph M. Burke and Kenneth V. Gomez

Scamraiders is being extorted, maligned and the subject of collusion and corruption in a rouse to gag Scamraiders and cover-up the crimes, insurance fraud, sex rapes, perjury, bribery, tampering, threats, extortion documented by Scamraiders and engaged in by Siebert and his bullies.

Thank God for the US Constitution and freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Scamraiders' mission and published 'mission statement' will not be curtailed by these criminals acts larceny and intentional schemes of railroading and undermining the rules of law orchestrated by these charlatans to shroud their rapes of victims money, emotions, rights and bodies.

Please follow Scamraiders for more exposes and evidence revealing the crimes of these rogues.

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