Thomas R. Ajamie JD provides an alert on investment scams

Mr Ajamie is a super-lawyer. He recently recovered over $400 million the largest arbitration award in history. He has recently co-authored Financial Serial Killers: Inside the World of Wall Street Money Hustlers, Swindlers and Con Men.

Here is a teaser for you to ponder, from a current 'Bottom Line/Personal' magazine interview with Mr Ajamie's 'new investment scams.'

If it sounds too good it is.
'Rare opportunity' is irresistible, stay away
There is no 'free lunch.'
Unsafe Safeguards
Your investment manager must be accountable.
Your investment manager should use a big name auditor.
Never let your investment manager take custody of your assets.

We will post the entire article on the Scamraiders home page, thanks to the kindness of Bottom Line and Mr Thomas R. Ajamie, JD.

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