Thug Kenneth Gomez, Esq. defrauds YouTube

At the instigation of George Pavia, Esq and John Siebert, MD, and desperate to continue to extort, harass and injure Scamraiders, Gomez, as it now seems to appear, has falsely identified himself as a representative of a German enterprise solely to interfere and impede Scamraiders legitimate. fair and truthful reporting that is protected by freedom of speech & freedom of the press.

Gomez, who is a proven perjurer, liar & extortion monger and 'pimping' for Pavia & Siebert, has, it appears, gone into 'deep-water,' supposedly impersonating himself as an 'agent' for a international company and therefore defrauding and tampering with Scamraiders, YouTube, and legitimate internet activities.

A despicable scheme to cover up George Pavia, Esq, John Siebert, MD and Gomez's own rampant crimes, obstruction of justice, bribery and corruption.

The circle looks like it is closing on the illegal and extortive activities engaged in by these 'bad-apples'. A full report on Gomez's current scam as it further develops.

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