The most convoluted debate in recent memory is this Healthcare saga; but we all better get on the bandwagon here and now. If this attempt to approve a meaningful plan for Healthcare in America again gets gummed up, all of us, our families, and especially our children, will feel the pain for years. Medical costs are exploding out of sight. If you are fortunate enough to have made it through the labyrinth of life to obtain Medicare, don’t be complacent. Medicare can soon be broke, if it keeps going as it has.

Meanwhile, Hospitals cannot maintain their current overhead and sustain their quality of healthcare; as a result, all of us will seriously suffer. On the other hand, we cannot survive with ‘rationing’ of our medical care. Big Brother or Big Government should not and cannot be in control of our lives and how long we live. The wrong plan can be devastating and even fatal.

The so-called Town Hall meetings ongoing now are a rowdy offensive joke. Tempers are flaring nationwide. Who can we trust and who can we believe? --- Particularly since every pundit has an agenda --- mostly for themselves and their ‘pocket-books’ and not us.

Scamraiders has provided you here with some relevant comparisons of the healthcare plans in Switzerland and France. Both are really good. Take some time and familiarize yourself with them. Then take a stand. Let us know what you favor. We, at Scamraiders, will petition President Obama with your views and desires. Remember, in unity there is strength!

To read more about Healthcare plans in France, click HERE and HERE.

To read more about Healthcare plans in Switzerland, click HERE and HERE.

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