Looking for an inexpensive trip for a well-deserved special getaway for fun and relaxation? If your answer is YES, and some “nice” person sold you a bucket of dreams on timeshares---be really, really careful--- many of these programs are not for the faint of heart! You could become just another sucker with a one-way ticket to oblivion and fraud----not paradise as advertised.

Here are some rules you should follow if you want to jump into the thorny bramble bushes of timeshare programs:

1. Stick with the larger, well established companies that have been around
for many years. These guys will not go into the deep water to skewer you.

2. Fully understand any contact or agreement you are provided BEFORE you
sign or fork over one red cent.

3. Be careful if the contract/agreement makes it virtually impossible for
you to sell your timeshare in the event you may wish to do so. Again,
you must fully understand the rights and obligations of anything you sign.

4. Be especially cautious of overseas companies offering timeshares.

5. DO NOT pay up front fees before doing all possible due-diligence and
investigations. If possible, review the contracts with a competent lawyer.

6. Review the published consumer “Black Lists” on the internet that detail the
companies who have engaged in timeshare fraud. Keep in mind that newer
scam timeshare companies may not be on these lists, because no one has yet
reported them.

7. “The game may not be worth the candle”! Becoming a victim of timeshare
fraud is a very distasteful and expensive mistake. Being alert and conducting
solid research/due diligence will help you avoid heartache and being swindled.

8. See firsthand exactly what you are buying into. Try to do this in person or
through a reliable friend. Do not rely on glossy brochures or videos as many
of them are outright con-games. You may hope a dream and arrive to a
nightmare. Remember Scamraiders constant reminder---“If it is too good to be
true--- it is!” Always!

Scamraiders has looked at many timeshare “Vacation Clubs”. To us the safest looks like the Disney Vacation Club and coming in second is the Hilton Grand Vacations. It’s better to be safe than sorry---stay with the best and most reliable. In any event, DO YOUR HOMEWORK----BEFORE YOU PUT PEN TO PAPER OR YOU HANDOVER YOUR CASH.

Read the original post in our forum from Scamraider Lori Rucker:

Thanks to Ms. Rucker for her post and information!

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