To find a corrupt judge, simply find a corrupt lawyer.

In New York courts corrupt lawyers are plentiful and the New York courts have more games housed within them than the 'Penny Arcades' on Turf Avenue at Coney Island.

Figure this: A black robe cost about fifty bucks, to get to wear one the candidate makes his deals with the cronyism in the opaque back rooms in Brooklyn and downtown NYC. The entire process is ludicrous and sets the foundation for corruption and backdoor/backroom deal making. Meanwhile, the corrupt lawyers are waiting by the dance floor like the escorts waiting for the debutante-and so it goes-it always comes down to money in the hypocrisy of these courts. Why do you think judges are provided immunity from anything, even corruption? In fact the entire system is a sad pathetic, farcical joke. Many of these judges are lazy and rely on their 'law-clerks' to write decisions except the ones that have been tagged as 'fixed'.

We at Scamraiders have provided the evidence of New York courthouse corruption in many previous reports, now and coming soon we will expose in full detail, the New York state court judges and referees that we have assembled proof of bribery, corruption, ex parte communications and worse. This is not federal courts, it is New York state courts. Sadly, many of the law-secretaries are in on these corrupt scams of illegal hocus-pocus under the guise of misnamed 'honorable courts'.

Please understand there are many fine judges, but the are outsiders in a crooked system. Remember Detective Serpico in New York City and the corruption he exposed? These corrupt courts will target anyone who is on to them (after all they have a good business), screwing the honest litigant by manipulation of the law and the U.S. Constitution. Scamraiders will report with facts and you can decide.

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