To Shoot or Not to Shoot - By Rabbi BZ Kravitz

To Shoot or Not to Shoot
By Rabbi BZ Kravitz

The ScamRaiders website provides an invaluable service. In addition to pointing out questionable products and claims, the site encourages buyers to make informed and careful choices when viewing products advertised on TV and the internet.
I am very cautious and suspicious of on-line advertisements, and usually do not take them seriously. I must admit sometimes the “catch” is so appealing I start to get taken in, and sometimes want to check a product out. Recently I saw an ad for the “Amish Heater.” It seemed like a great deal, however I stepped back and did some research, and decided this was not where I wanted to spend my money.
I did take a risk with another product, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. I have been a gun enthusiast since 1992. My original motivation was self protection after a dangerous confrontation while visiting the Middle East. I have taken numerous firearms courses, including safety, shooting, tactics and survival, and advanced Israeli Tactical Point Shooting. I reached an advanced proficiency level and qualified as an NRA and Department of Justice certified firearms instructor.
When I saw a YouTube video promoting the Armed Response Training DVD course, it caught my attention. It seemed like something I would enjoy. However, firearms’ training is serious and the quality and content of a course can make the difference between life and death.
I decided to follow my own advice and put my critical thinking skills into action. Before making a decision to purchase this DVD course I did some research and heard some good reports. I then took my research up a notch and contacted David Kenik, the head of Armed Response Training. I was impressed with his professionalism and breadth of knowledge so I decided to purchase and check out his first three DVDs: Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting; Tactics and Techniques for Defensive Shooting; and Dynamic Drills.
This course blew me away, please excuse the pun. I have reviewed the course at least four times and have purchased an additional four DVDs that cover a variety of topics including Responsible Use of Lethal Force, Shoot No-Shoot Scenarios, and Lights and Lasers for Defensive Hand Guns.
The Armed Response Course is no scam. I have shared the DVDs with some of the police agencies I work with and they are also impressed. I can honestly say this was the best investment I ever made over the internet. However, I didn’t do it blindly. I took my time, did the research and ended up with an excellent product. If you use those same decision making tools they probably won’t fail you, and you can avoid getting scammed.
Anyone who is serious about guns – including safety, tactics, self-defense and responsible use of force – will find the Armed Response DVD course to be an indispensable and valuable asset. I did.

Check them out at Put in coupon code RBZK for free shipping.

Rabbi BZ Kravitz is a crisis counselor and chaplain for several police agencies. He is proficient at scuba diving and martial arts, and is also a certified firearms instructor. Kravitz is the founder of and Jews for Judaism International, non-profit organizations that promote critical thinking in response to deceptive cults and missionaries.

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