Twitter Issues warning about "phishing" emails

Twitter has released a statement on their website, warning users of potential problems related to "phishing" emails, purporting to be from Twitter's support staff, that actually direct users to a pharmaceutical website.

From Twitter:

Reports of Fake Twitter Emails

We’ve seen a number of reports from people receiving emails from “” notifying them that they have unread/delayed/undelivered messages at Twitter. Twitter does not send any messages of this type; does not send notifications in general.

While malware does not appear to be inherent in the email, the link is actually masked; rather than taking you to Twitter once you click on it, it actually takes you to a pharmaceutical site after routing you through a couple other websites (which may have malware). We’re actively pursuing measures to get these sites shut down; in the meantime, we recommend that you not click on the link and instead just delete any such emails you receive.

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