New York Supreme Court Judge Paul Wooten
This round, now orchestrated by Brooklyn judge Paul Wooten, to railroad Jim Couri and through corruption deprive documented and warranted claims by condoning and engaging in trickster and outlaw acts, have by ambush lost sight of the law and the primary claims.

Corruption, trickster and scoundrel attempted ambushes of legitimate litigants in order to rob due process because of back-room corruption, tampering, targeting and outlaw cronyism is horrible. Villain courts, sadly, are now the norm and not the exception. The public is now becoming more aware of judicial and rogue lawyer and scaliwag improprieties. The Jim Couri/John Siebert Md case is a poster example of manipulation and bad-egg contemptible machinations. The corruption began with George Pavia and his corrupting JSC Joan Madden, in order to rob rent stabilization (the facts of this scam you can find in scamraiders archives), except to state that Madden fulfilled her 'contract' by atrocious acts of depriving evidence, rewriting laws, ignoring other court's decisions finding Pavia and his wife Antonia perjurers, finding Pavia's brownstone and Jim's apt within to be unfit and hazardous. Madden covered up findings that the Pavia's filed false documents with NYC agencies. When Jim accused and confirmed that Madden was corrupted and rewrote nuisance statutes to accommodate the Pavias-due process be damned-Madden targeted Jim throughout the entire unified court system.

Madden further 'insulated ' the corruption by issuing a order enjoining any suit against George or Antonia Pavia without Madden's permission-get it? Screw the constitution and due process when the fix is in place in the NY unified courts, to be sure it is a disgrace, a courthouse poisoned by corrupt fixer/lawyers and villain/scalliwag judges ready, willing and able to railroad and ambush a sucker for a price and screw due-process and the rules of law. You see, all for one and one for all. These judges are kind of like the mafia, they cover for each other in the New York courts at the expense of honesty, integrity and the rules. When a litigant figures out these bad-egg scoundrels in black-robes and frequent back-room contracts and resultant disdain for the law and due process the courtroom black-robed pretenders will target the ones that stand up to unified courthouse trickster corruption (see full expose in new book coming soon, Conspiracy at 60 Centre:A Stacked Deck at the Courthouse. You'll learn a lot and see first hand who the charlatans are, with evidence of the frequent and documented ambushes, larceny, greed and malice), orchestrated by the outlaw and rascal lawyers and their crony judges.

John Siebert and his corrupt lawyers Joseph M Burke and Kenneth V. Gomez formed an unholy corrupt railroading alliance with Pavia. Gomez danced to Madden's tune in her court after Jay Itkowitz took a back-seat, robbing by misuse of the rules of law, evidence and the law (all well documented by hard facts and documents), of Jim's rent stabilized home. You see Gomez is such a idiot he couldn't win anything without a rigged game. Gomez is a pimp and a Charley McCarthey stooge, but the dirty-work was just beginning, decision after decision in the Siebert case (just like the Pavia case) bore no logic to the evidence, the facts or the relevant laws. The court's acts and decisions formed a pattern of documented corruption, bias, disdain for rules of law and outright ambushing. The facts are self evident by a review of the trickster sand-bag decisions generated in these cases. They (taken individually or as a whole) are a contemptible atrocious disgrace and malicious. These supposed judges also condoned carefully documented Burke and Siebert's spoliation, fraud, perjury, tampering, concealing of evidence and unwarranted claims and willful violations of a injunction. Then, these courthouse scalliwags interfere and harass Jim Couri as to his documented terminal cancer, heart disease and other medical disorders, they lie cheat and harass Jim's doctors and do anything else to aid the rogue judges diversion from attention of Jim's real claims: That Siebert and his PC owes Jim over twenty million dollars.
The sad part here is the fact that the court, by its pattern of corrupt, bias and illogical decisions in the Siebert/Couri cases has made clear that Madden and Pavia started this ball of railroading justice rolling. Now it has gotten out of hand and the courthouse back-room sand-bagging and ambush of Jim's constitutional rights has been carefully and systematically exhumed and exposed, including JSC Wooten's recent, despicable and documented lies, bias and inconsistent decisions issued to systematically disenfranchise Jim and his legal rights and money due to him. The cover-up and this Siebert/Burke courthouse backroom scam is now finding its way to the public domain with proofs of the tampering and worse.

Now we have proof-positive of judges lying, fabricating incidents, issuing phony and inconsistent decisions and ignoring the plain simple facts of the Couri vs Siebert cases, Siebert signed notes, guarantees, agreements and contracts agreeing to pay and repay Jim money Siebert owes to Jim. These notes and agreements signed by Siebert were prepared by Siebert's own lawyers. As part of these agreements Siebert waved his right to impose any counterclaims or defenses against Jim in the event Siebert failed to pay any of these obligations. Further, Siebert issued three separate general releases in favor of Jim and Jim's affiliates. Siebert defaulted and failed to pay Jim. Finally Jim sued, releases, wavers, forty plus documents signed by Siebert confessing to his obligations or not these bad-egg trickster courts in the unified court-system have milked these cases for six years, over fifty motions and the courts condoning Siebert/Burke's unwarranted rascal machinations. meanwhile Jim has gotten zero of his money-why?-summary judgment in a honest court is duck-soup with all these admissions by Siebert, but when the fix is in, forget about the law and rules. Instead it is heartache, judicial bull-dozing, harassment,intimidation, abuses, threats, trickster acts, lies and maybe even criminal activity. Take a look at Rico and take a look at Scamraiders expose of JSC Wooten, Stallman and Madden.

The conduct of these cases involving Jim and Siebert/Burke have been a poster-child of bad-acts, corruption, fraud, tampering and violations of unified court rules, professional disciplinary rules and violations of the US Constitution. See Scamraiders archives, articles and exhibits regarding court corruption in NYC.

You see, facts, documents, general releases, wavers, confessions don't matter when dirty money, bribery, tampering, spite, cover-ups, corruption and fraud are involved in the NY court unified system and remember when these persons are selected by the back-room farcical cronyism. These few in black-robes have full immunity (that means that they can screw and tatoo you without fear of reprisal) unless we can prove a pattern of ongoing fraud and worse. See: Rico.

The smoke and mirrors are so dense in the Siebert/Burke-Jim Couri case and all the intentional diversions by thief and rapist Siebert and his outlaw lawyers. The court has all but buried the true causes of actions/claims Jim has documented and asserted and that the systemic corruption is depriving-this is how justice is administered in the unified courthouse in NYC-spite, greed, larceny, railroading, bullyism and disdain for the rules of law and the US Constitution. For greed and money.

Scamraiders and others are investigating and exposing in full and living detail and color for all to see these ongoing and fraudulent courtroom schemes engaged in by some of the few rogue- black-robed bandits in NYC, Brooklyn, Westchester and elsewhere in NY state. Who abuse their position and oaths and who manipulate the laws and rip off the honest citizens who are on the short-end of a back-room contract/or fix and for clandestine and corrupt self indulgence and ambush-deal-making.

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