UW Hospital, Madison, Wis. employs a confirmed sex-predator, Dr John W. Siebert. Have you no shame or regard for "heal thy patient, do no harm"?

Midwestern values be damned - money first and "values" in the toilet, based on the record and documents and affidavits produced by Siebert's victims and based on the fact that Siebert has been fired by NYU/Langone Hospital for sex and other abuses. UW Hospital seems not to care that they are employing a proved sex predator. Further, Siebert is a admitted pedophile and a documented thief, perjurer and a man who has hired thugs to intimidate, extort and harass Siebert's victims.

UW Hospital, your acts or failure to act to protect your patients from becoming victims of a sex predator Siebert is despicable. The evidence is clear and your condoning this sicko to continue in your hospital reveals your interest in money and not patients safety and rights. The man is the target of NY health investigations and Scamraiders has posted many of Siebert's victims reports of his demented sex abuses from Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karas, Rachel, Linda M, and husbands of Siebert's victims.

“Heal thy patient, do no harm” - UW is supposed to be a hospital not a "hall of horrors," where a patient encounters a sex predator/pedophile/narco-abuser.

UW Hospital, do your homework on this despicable sex predator Siebert who, has robbed his patient victims of their money, integrity, self-respect and their bodies. UW Hospital, you are a disgrace for condoning a sex predator, liar and thief - all documented and undenied by sociopath Siebert and Scamraiders has exhibited proof of Siebert's abuse of victims in their own words and proof of Siebert being charged as a pedophile. More is yet to come on Siebert's sex and other crimes.

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