We Can Regain What Our Founders Designed For This Country!

Whether you support the 9-12 Project, Tea Party or any other Mission because you are disgusted to see this great Land being enveloped by corruption, special interest groups and the Old Boys Club, it’s time to speak up. Think about this: if you observed your wife or child being accosted by a mugger, you would not standby and do nothing-- surely you would take immediate action and protect your family. Well now it is time to protect your family and your Country. Where do you think our kids and their kids will be if we stand silent and continue to be victimized by the corruption and special interest groups that are bleeding this great Country. We, the American public, should not accept this course of action and simply stand mute. We can help make changes, with our words and honorable objections to the wrongful acts of the backroom deals--- that mostly sell us down the river to enrich the ‘insiders’.

Don’t think your voice is not loud enough.

Don’t read the news or watch the television thinking-- what can I do? Don’t be intimidated by the special interests and bullies!

There is a very moving verse in the King James Version of the Bible:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

- Ephesians 6:12

The United States Constitution’s Preamble ensures: “We the People of the United States”. It doesn’t state, we the Old Boys Club, or the Special Interests, or the Corrupt Public Officials and Judges that we are confronted with and who manipulate and ruin our lives for their own unjust gains and payoffs. Our Country was founded on the principals of honor, justice, and God.

Have you ever been in a Courtroom? In every Court in this great Land, emblazoned in bold lettering above the judge’s desk on the courtroom wall it states---- “In God We Trust”. Do you believe that all judges really follow these values? If you do, then you also must believe in the Good Fairy and the Wizard of Oz. Look at the currency in your own pocket---what does it say? -- “In God We Trust”! What happened?

Our Founding Fathers conducted their lives by employing high principals and values. If We the People can help restore these principals in Washington DC, in our Courts, and in our State Governments, we will again have what our wonderful Land was created for. Remember, we are Americans seeking “equal justice for all”. Many adversaries of the United States underestimated the will of the American people. “Don’t Tread on Me”; the use of those words with the timber rattlesnake as a symbol of the American Colonies on a Flag can be traced to Ben Franklin’s publications in 1751. Franklin made the first reference to the rattlesnake as a Symbol and as a satirical commentary. The words “Don’t Tread on Me” was intended to mean Liberty, a subject this great Land has been securing for over 300 years.

Please take a few minutes and read our great Constitution created September 17, 1787 and ratified June 21, 1788. Then Read the Bill of Rights and the 10 amendments added to the Constitu.... Finally, look carefully at our Declaration of Independence adopted July 4, 1776. These guys, America’s Founders, created a marvelous plan --- let us all try to revive and restore it and work honestly to exorcise the corruption and tyrannical bullyism that seems to be pervading our precious Democracy.

Last but not least--- take a step back and ponder this --- Our whole economy and its very existence is reliant on the Consumer and how much the Consumer spends. Our great Country is supported by and is reliant on how much all of us buy each and every day. From Wall Street to Main Street to the hallowed halls of Washington, it’s the Consumer. And guess who that is --- US, all of US! So we the Consumer are the foundation for and of America----no if, ands, or buts. Well, based on these documented facts, do you think we the Consumers should continue to be subject to and victimized by corruption, fraud and special interests groups? We do not think so.

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