Before swallowing your next vitamin/supplement take a minute and carefully read the ingredients and just what the little capsule contains. You should be aware that many herbs sound good but may not be good for you. Each of us are different. These supplements can have adverse reactions based on any prescription medications you are taking and your allergic characteristics. Thus, don’t rely on your corner Vitamin Store’s claims. Talk to your Doctor first; research products on the internet and their supposed contents. Your particular existing health issues can have a marked effect on the use of such supplements; certain ingredients can act as stimulants, which could severely damage your pre-existing medical conditions.

In advance of ingesting any nutritional/vitamin substances-- stop-- and read all contents and always consult your healthcare provider. Be aware that many supplements are not registered or controlled by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), thus the Manufacturers can get away with not listing all ingredients. Some of these supplements even contain banned steroids. There have recently been case histories where people have become critically ill and even died as a result of their use of some supposed nutritional products.

It’s always better to choose well-known and established vitamin/nutritional supplement Brands. If you decide to take any supplement/vitamin, watch carefully for any adverse symptoms that may begin after your ingesting the product. If you become weak, nauseous, fatigued, or experience abdominal pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, notice yellow corneas or skin, or discolored urine; get to the emergency room, post haste.

Simple: think and read before you put these little tablets in your mouth--- they may be poisoning you. Consult your Doctor. Some say, the best is a good diet with plenty of in-season veggies and fruits!

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