We have been provided with devastating details of a corrupt NYC lawyer who is apparently devoid of ethics

He has cheated, lied and by tricks and railroading colluded with adversaries, cheated his client for unjust gain through conspiracy, bribery, larceny and corruption. If the evidence is accurate this lawyer and his co-conspirators have deprived due process and engaged in a criminal scheme of obstruction of justice.

We are evaluating all of the proofs provided to us involving a brazen contemptible NYC lawyer who has apparently and for a number of years tricked, cheated, robbed and sold out his client by implementation of charades, collusion, larceny, false documents, unwarranted acts, trickster acts and outright fraud. In a nutshell, a sellout scam of major proportions for money and courthouse 'brownie points.'

This is a major story involving a number of greedy and corrupt actors, bad-egg courtroom antics, fraud and 'old-boys' courthouse corruption. So please stay tuned for more on this hair-raising story of how greedy and corrupt cheating lawyers can and will sell you out to a higher bidder for money or a better deal for themselves or another client at your expense and kudos from a corrupt/railroading charade courtroom.

We are dedicated to targeting the outlaws in the court system, exposing them and putting them out of the judicial process and the courthouse. A corrupt lawyer selling out and cheating a client while colluding with others for unjust rewards and to rob and plunder his clients rights and money is a despicable violation of the us constitution and constitute acts of brazen criminality.

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