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If you truly want to loose weight, EAT LESS-----p-e-r-i-o-d! Also, try to exercise and walk as much as you can. Contrary to all of the advertising, claiming miracle weight loss, as yet there no “elixirs” that will make you skinny. Discipline, pushing away from the table and eating the right foods is the best way to start. That said, weight loss companies that offer food bargains such as NUTRI-SYSTEMS offer you nothing more than you can find at a supermarket at about 1/3 the price. Of course, you will have to cook and prepare it yourself. After all, companies like Nutri-Systems have to make money in order to pay for their costly advertising campaigns. If you want help, try WEIGHT WATCHERS where you will get group counseling and nutritional help.

Scamraiders is taking an active look and evaluating Nikki Haskell’s “STAR CAPS”. Although they look pretty good, before we make a judgment call or a comment, we are digging deeper. And remember, Scamraiders is not rendering medical advice. It is always recommended that you consult with your Doctor regarding diets or any other medical issues.

You should also be advised that there are a number of Drug Companies developing varies forms of weight loss pills, but they are all in the trial stages and it is too early for any comment. On a final note, your body is the best adding machine around, and you can’t fool it as to caloric intake. Good luck and set a realistic goal that’s right for you. We will keep you updated.

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