What does former NYC mayor Ed Koch have in common with Rudy Gulliani, Mario Cuomo, and many others? “New York Uprising"

Ed Koch, one of NYC's best mayors of all time along with Rudy and Mario Cuomo, one of the best NY state Governors and many others have joined Mr Koch who started this website: Why? Because it seems that these great and smart guys, like many of us, are disgusted with the antics and the lack of ethics NY has fallen victim to and that is putting it mildly.

Sad as it is New Yorkers, it seems we can not trust many state court judges in those 'blackrobes' who with great abandon and aplomb thumb their nose at honest and legitimate due process and who manipulate the law to serve themselves and their 'buddies'.

And the many 'officials' who flout the rules of law and the New York and US Constitution for the interests of a few and themselves and not for the citizens and taxpayers.

It appears that 'ethics be damned'. Well, the law is not a fiddle to be played to the tune of farcical cronyism for the benefit of 'backroom'deals.

Scamraiders will post the Ed Koch site at the end of this article when transferred to Scameraiders home page for all to review. Time for change and it is in the wind and in the stars.

Seems that we all agree that as new york is far to great a city and state to be withered and 'plucked' by cronyism and backroom 'oldboys' corruption, Boss Tweed must finally be put to rest.

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