What is going on with JSC Paul Wooten? Was he a victim of the con 'shell-game'? Did Joe Burke hide the Beeler restraining order?

Beeler order mandated 'no motions' in an allegation of violation until the court partakes in conference call. Abusing Jim Couri, who is in terminal cancer care, is a violation of his civil rights. Threats of jail on fraudulent & barred claims is worse than a violation of constitutional mandates

JSC Wooten is either busy or – well, who knows? If he read the Beeler restraining order, he could not have been conned by Siebert/Burke into signing the OSC, falsely claiming that Jim violated the Beeler order, which mandates that 'in lieu of motion' the complaining party has to seek the court's intervention by 'conference call' before any motion practice.

This mandate in the Beeler order is clear & as big as life. Also, the Burke/Siebert OSC is barred by the law of the case & res judicata & collateral estoppel, as the same & similar claims were litigated before another judge & rejected. JSC Wooten rather, apparently defrauded & clueless, simply signed a contempt OSC to jail Jim that is in violation of the very order it supposedly seeks to enforce and is in violation of law & Jim's civil rights.

Jim Couri's responding cross-motion is proper & accurate, as is his motion to dismiss the barred Siebert/Burke phony contempt OSC. JSC Wooten, meanwhile, ignores over 30 stale & undecided motions, including Jim's unopposed motions for summary judgment & to dismiss defendant's undocumented claims barred by contractual wavers.

JSC Wooten, if you are too busy or 'otherwise,' either recuse yourself or Jim will move to do so shortly, but the conduct of the court is unacceptable, shocking & worse. Does the court ignore un-denied documented tampering, perjury, spoliation , un-denied fraud by Burke/Siebert & Siebert's un-denied & documented criminal-vulture sex acts?????

See Scamraiders – which, by the way, is not Jim Couri, & neither is 'Jim Couri Network' Jim Couri. See terms of use & mission statement.

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