What role will rogue Dr John Siebert be playing at the upcoming Brooklyn federal trial?

What roll will rogue Dr John Siebert be playing at the upcoming Brooklyn federal trial involving Siebert's former 'sex kitten' Diane Kleiman and her charges involving US Customs and others
Diane Kleiman has filed lengthy affidavits and documents accusing Dr John Siebert of rampant sex abuse of Kleiman/Siebert's patient.

Kleiman charges Siebert of narcotics abuse, malpractice, harassment, phone sex, healthcare fraud, and various forms of intimidation and extortion. The Kleiman affidavit has been exhibited on Scamraiders.

Kleiman charges among other things that us customs abused her and they victimized her and she wants money for her damages.

Now we have learned Ms Kleiman provided a court ordered deposition transcript to the US attorneys office who represents us customs and other defendants all about sex vulture and thief Dr John Siebert, we have learned outlining and verifying in detail all of Kleiman's charges against Dr Siebert we are told. Also verifying Kleiman's charges of Siebert's falsifying her extensive healthcare records in order to rob a fortune from healthcare insurers.

Now the trial is on the horizon. What roll will Dr Siebert be playing? Will Siebert be testifying? Will Kleiman be testifying about Siebert and his sex crimes, narcotics abuse and healthcare frauds?

Please see the Diane Kleiman affidavit on Scamraiders homepage April 6, 2011 at the end of this article as it will be re-posted.


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