What's UP or DOWN in New York Unified Courts?

Hon. Joan B. Carey, Administrative Judge, Civil Matters, First Judicial District
Hon. Joan B. Carey does not seem to care about the misappropriation of Jim Couri's $230K medical malpractice settlement. Judge Carey issues a decision of ONE WORD -- "DENIED" in connection with Jim's explanation, well documented, that the proceeds were encumbered by and subject to duly filed and recorded financing statements subject to the Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9 as amended in favor of various trusts and Jim's wife.
Undaunted, the Carey court has permitted the illegal conversion of Jim's medical malpractice settlement in direct contravention of the UCC rules and laws.

Whatever happened to secured creditor rights?

Apparently, Judge Carey did not find $230,000 sufficiently compelling enough to warrant more than a one word decision . . . "DENIED."

Stay tuned for full expose.

Hon. Joan B. Carey Decision

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