Who the heck are Paul Wooten and Joan Madden? And Sherry Heitler?

And who the heck are some of these people in the Unified Court System in flimsy black robes, who can wreck lives - we allow this to occur? Because some politico crony picks out of a hat a 'company-man' we are forced to allow some unknown un-vetted shyster to abuse the law to make their bones on the backs of honest citizens . . . a crook is a crook no matter what they are wearing.

Stay tuned we will give you the full background of Madden, Wooten and many others in the Unified Courthouse - the good, bad and ugly.

But don’t be fooled -- behind the gilded walls is a group of some very bad spiteful and corrupt. Remember Sonny Shiu? He was murdered (his own words) for exposing a Unified Court judge . . .

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