Who was George Pavia, Esq's 'Bag-Man' in the JSC Madden kangaroo courtroom? Was it Jay B Itkowitz, Esq?

Jay Itkowitz, Esq.

George Pavia, Esq.
Scamraiders investigators and staff have conducted in depth research involving the Pavia corruption ongoing in the Unified Courthouse. We have carefully reviewed Madden's decisions in over 50 motions in connection with George and Antonia Pavia and Jim Couri and the Pavia brownstone---18 E 73rd Street, NYC. On interviews and uncovering evidence, we are confident that we know who and how Pavia corrupted the court & caused the manipulation of laws, statutes and rules of evidence in order to steal justice and 'get to' a supposed judge.

Corruption is not new and very much is alive and well in NY Unified Courts - you just need to get to the right bagman.

Please stay tuned for this entire report, exposing this saga of greed and theft of legal rights and extortion. You will see how a crooked lawyer can get to a willing and seemingly corrupt judge and how that judge will further abuse her or his black-robes by viciously targeting the persons who uncovered the corruption - spite greed & bias are bad traits for any judge to display.

Scamraiders will reveal all of the data we have opened in this 'can of worms' or maybe we should say 'can of snakes'.

George Pavia is a very deranged person, as revealed by lawyer Ronald Kuby in the New York Times and as exposed by Pavia's mental doctor, Arnold Hutchneicker. Pavia is working overtime to further extort and injure Jim, but we and many others are on to him and his corrupt pals.

Always be careful of snakes hiding in the bushes - contorted George is so rabid he cant think about anything else other than how to use his thug Kenneth Gomez and his crooked buddies to injure Jim.

Stay tuned to Scamraiders

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