Will the real Joseph M. Burke, Esq. please stand up and confess?

Will the real Joseph M. Burke, Esq. who thumbed his nose at injunctions, bribed and extorted--- please stand up and confess to your bribery, tampering, perjury & suborning perjury, ex-parte criminal acts with Referee Jack Suter, spoliation of documents, collusion with judge Michael Stallman, judge Joan Madden and judge Paul Wooten as part of a scam with George Pavia bag man money launderer Kenneth v Gomez Esq. and others while colluding with disgraced doctor-thief-sex molester and confessed narcotics abuser and rapist of patients-----Joseph m Burke--aka Joe Burke has misused his phone lines, his email and internet to engage in bribery, corruption, and criminal RICO aided by weak, corrupt and desperate black-robe bandit/bad eggs-------Burke and Wooten colluded to set Jim Couri up to rob $20 million while obligor Siebert sociopath was molesting Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karass, Linda , Ms. Rachel, and others who we will not name now-----Siebert has engaged in extortion and thefts of millions from Christopher Zimmerman, Jim Couri, Richard Jacobs, Ben Ossman and the tax man and insurance companies WellPoint, Aetna and others all in concert with crooked lawyer Joe Burke who has committed fraud in federal court as well according to Bella Yaniv, who swears that Burke extorted her as well--------Burke is a documented thief and soon to be a RICO defendant----stay tuned

Joseph M. Burke ignored the Beeler injunction but because he spearheaded his, Siebert, Gomez and Pavia bribery scheme Stallman and Wooten and Suter turns their back on the injunction, spoliation, fraud and perjury and concoct lies about Jim Couri----

Dishonest deceitful judges misusing the rules of law for a bribe, a cut of a scam and following orders of the boss-tweed cronyism in the bowels of the courthouse-----betrayal of the public trust by nobodies who bought their black robes thanks to something other than honor, decency and integrity-----they call it 'corruption'

Stallman was compromised as was his clerk Mr. Tsai-----but when the heat was on Stallman took a powder for easier pickings but not before they caught allowing Burke to bribe and engage in ex parte emails with a corrupt referee who was engaging in discovery based on motions made by Burke in violation of the Beeler injunction and made 'post note'--------

A despicable array of larceny and stupidity-------a black robe fraudster can say anything and get away with it even robbing liberty, money and worse-----power in the hands of the weak or corrupt is very dangerous and must stop-------

Most of these NY judges came out of the woodwork and have no credentials just the 'ass- and-hand-kissing' of the old boys who put them in these jobs------

Pathetic and misused by the Pavias, Burkes and Sieberts who are sociopaths, and thieves----------

All well documented and all undenied!!!!!

This entire farcical charade of judicial corruption was spawned by mafia George Pavia and his stooge-corrupt spiteful Judge Joan Madden who created a pattern of corrupt decisions violating court rules collateral estoppel, res-judicata,----

Madden systematically covered up Pavias crimes, perjury, forgery and 8 Dept of Bldgs violations----

Madden was paid off to rob rent stabilization that the DHCR and Jim Couri fought for and won------Pavia was desperate and admittedly corrupted Joan Madden to reclaim by larceny rent-stabilization legally secured by the DHCR and Jim-----

The Pavias----all of them---- are central in a RICO scam and will pay the consequences-------fascist George is on the run along with his thug-bag-man Kenneth V. Gomez Esq. Judge Joan Madden and sex vulture John Siebert and Joe Burke------- who has bribed and engaged in corruption with referees and liar-con-Judge Wooten----

Also documented by telephone tapes, Wooten's stupid and inconsistent decisions, lies and tampering with court records and part clerk Warren Rubio and deprivation of access to the motion part by fraud and betrayal of trust----------

Then we have judge Madden in the pocket of the Pavias who has lied, cheated, misled a jury, falsely charged them and then raped Jim at the Appellate Division and with her pals Joan Carey, S. Abdus Salaam who permitted Jim's med mal settlement to be stolen by Pavia, Gomez and Madden herself----spite and greed in violation of Medicare liens-------

Madden and Pavia---a RICO plot----desperate as they were caught---- lined up other bad eggs in the unified corrupt farm including the clear and convincing idiot rulings of Wooten who can’t hide behind a corkscrew-his decisions are in contravention to summary judgment statutes, interstate frauds, tampering with transcripts and likewise Stallman's rulings are inconsistent, biased, fraudulent and in contravention to an injunction and a filed note of issue----------secreted by Burke/Siebert/Gomez--------

They at the unified courthouse----- all had their 'marching orders'--thanks to the Pavia-Madden unholy alliance of collusion, bribery and railroading agendas ----------no different than the Pavias conduct as mob fronts and Ted Kohl, Pavia's pal and jail bird-------in jail for tax evasion, money laundering, fraud and larceny.

Not to mention perjury before corrupt Madden, who ignored this mafias lies as an ally to her mentors the George and Antonia Pavia’s--------undenied thieves.

Rip off Jim Couri at all costs and rob his $20million, and stop Scamraiders from exposing the extortion, threats, larceny, frauds and bribery ongoing in the Unified Courts and much orchestrated by mafia front George Pavia, pedophile Siebert, Kenneth V. Gomez bag-man and crook Joe Burke----

'The fish stinks from the head'--------stay tuned

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